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Remedies for each Lagna (ascendant)?
Mesha and Kanya – worship of Goddess Maha Lakshmi is best for reducing martial tensions.
Rishabha and Simha – chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaman will be helpful.
Mithuna – praying to Goddess Parvathi will be ideal.
Kataka – Aditya Hridyam will help the couple to keep cool.
Vrishika – prayers to Dakshinamoorthy will bring in peace.
Dhanus and Makara – prayers to Hanuman will ease the tensons.
Meena and Thula – prayers to mars will be helpful.
In general fasting on Fridays will be helpful for marriages. Doing Ganpathy mantra will be helpful to make attraction last in married life. Chanting of lord Muruga prayers will be helpful for virility problems in men.

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The price of real estate tends to move in an 18-to-20-year cycle. From one top to the next bottom, as from one bottom to the next top, about 9 or 10 years usually elapses. The Moon’s Nodes move backwards or retrograde in an average 18.6-year cycle around the Zodiac. Most real estate price tops have occurred with the North Node in Taurus and/or moving into late Aries.
The Nodes are points where the Moon’s orbital path intersects with the Sun’s path. The Moon’s Nodes influence mass psychology, which translates economically to ups and downs in interest rates, employment and productivity. A real estate calculation called the Brennan Cycle moves in tandem with the Moon’s Nodes. Where real estate is concerned, the 20-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is also of interest. Jupiter, the influence of optimism, energizes speculative buying, and cautionary Saturn is associated with land.
From an astrological perspective the expectation is that real estate prices should rise when the North (Jupitarian) Node moves through Cancer, the Sign most associated with Home. The North Node arrived in Cancer in April 2000 and moved into Gemini October 2001, when a bubble in stock prices crashed. The Fed lowered interest rates to stimulate the stock market, which in turn brought a dramatic rise in home buying, creating what is seen now in retrospect as a speculative bubble in real estate.
This latest surge in RE prices peaked in the spring of 2005 when the North Node moved from early Taurus into late Aries. Prior to this latest speculative bubble in real estate prices, history shows tops occurred with the North Node in Taurus or Aries—unless distorted by other planetary cycles, especially those coinciding with wars or depressions.
Through the 1800s, RE price tops were made in 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873 (distorted by the great depression of the 1870s) and 1893. In 1819, the North Node was in Aries; in 1837 moving from Taurus into Gemini; 1857 moving through Aries into Pisces; 1873 and 1893 moving through Taurus into Gemini.
The next top occurred in 1918, 25 years after the top of 1893 with the North Node moving into early Sagittarius. The Federal Reserve System (Fed) was created by Congress in 1913, shifting control of the US monetary system to a group of bankers, and institutionalizing a debt-based money system. Henceforth, the bankers of the Fed sold dollars into circulation. In effect, the government borrows money from the Fed’s bankers and sticks the public and/or taxpayers with the bill at ever-compounding interest.
Another definitive RE cycle top was made on the cusp of the Great Depression 1929. At this time the North Node was again in Taurus and moving into Aries. Through the roughly 40 years of the Great Depression and the aftermath of World War II, real estate prices made no dramatic tops, as the Fed now controlled interest rates. And to curb an expected spike of inflation, the Roosevelt Administration imposed price controls during and after World War II. Construction of new homes boomed through the late 1940s and 1950s. The next definitive RE top in prices came roughly 4 cycles after 1893, or 80 years later in 1973.
Prior to the creation of the Fed in December 1913, interest rates (which drive real estate development and buying) were unregulated. The prime duty of the Fed is to control interest rates. Nevertheless RE prices returned to their correlation with the North Node when calculated over longer periods of time, as evidenced by the most recent top arriving in 2005 with the North Node moving from early Taurus into late Aries, roughly five Lunar Nodal cycles after 1893.
By March 2007, with the Node moving through Pisces, there were plenty of economic indications that RE prices were on a determined downswing. Some “sub-prime” lenders and borrowers were in trouble. The number of building permits issued nationally had plummeted. In suburban Las Vegas, the fastest growing area in the USA, 9,800 of roughly 22,000 homes on the market were empty and desperate home sellers were cutting prices by 45%.
Based on past history, we can expect the downtrend in housing to turn around when the North Node reaches the constellation opposite Cancer, where it usually is when prices rise. That constellation is Capricorn and the North Node is due to enter it in August 2009, 20 years after the last low in 1989.
But don’t rush headlong into the real estate market in 2009 without being aware of two major reasons the RE cycle may again be distorted and its downside extended.
1. Astrologically, Uranus and Pluto will be within orb of a square, with Pluto opposite the US natal cluster of Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Cancer. And Saturn will be moving through Virgo, coming conjunct the US Neptune, which is square the US Mars—a combination that has coincided with stock market crashes historically. Also, in 2009 Pluto and the North Node will conjoin in Capricorn. The combined effect of these astrological patterns bodes ill for the overall economy, of which the housing industry is a major part.
2. Because the recent housing price bubble was extended and taken to new record highs, its deflation may be extended. We may experience a crash of the dollar and a subsequent spike in inflation, causing the Fed to raise interest rates dramatically. Also waiting in the wings is the weather-related effects of global warming, expected to bring catastrophic storms, Hurricane Katrina being a hint.
If the dollar crashes or continues its slide down against other world currencies, foreign investment in US assets (a major stimulus to the most recent housing bubble) will be withdrawn, worsening the situation by exacerbating US debt—federal, corporate and personal. The world’s monetary system, now based on the dollar, is likely to go through a wrenching change, mainly because US total debt is approaching the point where it will be un-repayable, which in turn could lead to a change in the existing Fed-dominated, debt-based monetary system.
When Congress created the Fed in 1913 and institutionalized a debt-based money system, it meant that, instead of the federal government lending money into the system at no interest, bankers lend money into the system at ever-compounding interest. In turn, this creates a gradual but snowballing rise of inflation, as the money to pay the interest must be “found,” and the primary “finder of interest” is inflation, called “the hidden tax.” What $100 bought in 1913 now costs around $2,000.
By March 2007, when the downturn in RE prices became undeniable, the North Node was moving through the middle of Pisces. The North Node will enter Capricorn in August 2009, signaling the bottom of this down cycle, and move into Sagittarius in March 2011, signaling an expected rise in RE prices. But other factors in the overall economy—especially the debt-based US monetary system, snowballing inflation and the likelihood that the dollar will continue to slide or crash—can be expected to distort the RE cycle this time.
During the RE bubble that followed the stock market crash of 2000-2001, a lot of investment money went into real estate, and prices continued to rise after the North Node went into Gemini. As a consequence of the boom and the Fed’s holding interest rates down, the housing bubble was extended beyond the average cyclical top. As a consequence of that extension, the RE price bottoms may be extended beyond 2011.
The longer cycles of the outermost planets overwhelm shorter cyclical indicators to concur with well-defined economic turning points. And we are moving toward one that can be expected to bring the most difficult decade since the USA was founded in 1776: Pluto moving though Capricorn, a Uranus-Pluto square lasting from 2008 to 2019, forming a grand cross with the natal US Sun-Saturn square. In August 2009, Pluto will conjoin the North Node in Capricorn, with both opposite the USA’s natal Jupiter and Venus. This combination can be expected to distort the RE cycle, and more importantly, bring an atmosphere conducive to changing some basic economic assumptions. This difficult period could be a blessing in disguise.
Our present economy is based on medieval assumptions, and we have moved into a period when democracy is on the rise, so we are looking at a clash between two philosophical forces: “traditional” medieval beliefs (an unproductive ownership class dominant) and the modern move toward more and purer democracy. Currently most of the world’s wealth is owned by less than 1 percent of the world’s population.
We are approaching a time of transformations as huge as those experienced by Native Americans after the arrival of Columbus, and then during the years leading up to and through the American and French Revolutions, when Pluto was where it will be again during the second decade of the 21st Century.

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Navamans Birth Chart can give you answers of almost all the questions related to your life. You can confirm all your queries related to education, business, marriage, parents or children from Navamansh Kundali. After birth-chart Navamansh Horoscope is considered to be the most important chart. If Ascendant-chart is body, then Navamansh Janmpatri  is its soul, because with the help of this chart the strength of the planets to give results can be obtained.
For a correct analysis of the birth-chart and to know the particulars Navamansh Kundali is considered. According to Astrology, if the Ascendants of birth-chart and Navamansh Kundali are similar, then the Ascendant is Vargottam, as you will stay fit physically and mentally. In addition, an individual gets results according to the sign located in the Ascendant. Therefore, a person gets different results when a planet is Vargottam in the chart. For instance:
Sun Vargottam
If Sun is Vargottam in the birth-chart of an individual, then he is philosophical in nature. His physical and mental capacity is strong. He will live a luxurious life. He will get respect and honor in the society. He will also have interests in mysterious art subjects. If Ascendant is Vargottam in the Navamansh kundali and Sun is located in the twelfth house, then the person will be appointed on high government post.
Moon Vargottam
Person of this Ascendant is very attached to his mother. He has strong memory. He is intelligent and capable. He does not discriminate others and believes in equality. He knows his desires very well and tries hard to fulfill them. If Ascendant is Vargottam in the Navamansh kundali and Moon is located in the twelfth house, then the person will achieve success in his business.
Mars Vargottam
The person whose birth-chart has Mars as Vargottam, has a very influential personality. He has interests in Astrology and is capable of forecasting events in his likely environment. He is enthusiastic in nature and stands firm against what he does not like. He does not impose something forcefully on himself. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Mars is located in the twelfth house, then the person will achieve success in army or related field.
Mercury Vargottam
People in whose chart Mercury is Vargottam are intelligent. They have an influential personality. They are good at making arguments. They are also experts in Astrology. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Mercury is located in the twelfth house, then the person will make a good career through his education.
Jupiter Vargottam
People who are influenced by Jupiter Vargottam are very proud and egoistic. They are also good listeners and always curious to know the truth behind everything. They are understanding and intelligent. They are good-looking and have good physique. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Jupiter is located in the twelfth house, then the person will get a good post in the spiritual field.
Venus Vargottam
Those having Venus Vargottam in their chart are very conscious about their looks. They manage to understand what the other person is thinking right now. They are good in predicting future. Their health does not get easily affected, as they possess an ability to fight with diseases. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Venus is located in the twelfth house, then the person will have all the material resources and live a luxurious life.
Saturn Vargottam
Those influenced by Saturn Vargottam are very careful about their responsibilities. They are lazy and ignorant about their work. They also have strong will power and are very careful and cautious regarding their health matters. They are blessed with longevity but their life is full of struggle. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh kundali and if Saturn is located in the twelfth house, then the person will be employed in a job for life time.
Role of Navamansh in marriage
Marriage is important part of life. Navamansh Kundali plays vital role in serious matters like Marriage. In Astrology if the planet transits through the 64th Navmansh, then the person should postpone the idea of marriage. If in the Muhurtha of girl or boy’s marriage a malefic planet transits through the 36, 64, 72 and 96th Navmansh, then they should not get married, otherwise their married life may not be successful. If a planet is located in the 55th Navamansh of Moon or ascendant in the Muhurtha of marriage, then also the person should not get married because if he does, then he will experience conflicts in his married life.
Influence of Navamansh on the period of transit
If during the period of Vimshottari, the period of Ascendant lord of Navamansh transits in the birth-chart, then it gives auspicious results. The person will get auspicious results during the periods or sub periods of the planet, which is in conjunction with the lord of that Navmansh, in which the seventh lord is located. Similarly, the period or sub-periods of the lord of the fifth Navamansh are also auspicious. During the period or sub-periods of the planet, which is in conjunction with the lord of the 64th Navmansh, the person bears lots of problems and pain in his life.

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Another concept is the horoscope of “Navasma”, which is a parallel chart to the birth horoscope. The Navasma shares about ¼ power of the chart. It is famous saying “If the Birth horoscope is the tree, then the Navasma is the fruit”. How useful is the tree if it bears out only rotten fruit. So therefore along with the A healthy chart it is very important to have an equally good navasma. Hindu astrology has dual purpose for the Navamsa, first to check the strength of the birth chart, second for marriage compatibility. The 7th house i.e. the house of marriage is checked in navasma for accurate prediction about a native’s spouse.
Here comes the fun part, simple and easy. The concept of Vargottam is the most interesting to me, Viggottam means “the best division”. In the Birth chart and the Navamsa a garh is placed in the same rashi it becomes Virgottam, there the star add extra power to the birth chart and amplifies favorable results. 
By far the most important divisional chart is the navamsha chart, which reveals the spiritual essence and deeper truth of an individual. The real clues to the outcome of a person’s life are in the navamsha. The maha dasha ruler and bhukti ruler must always be reviewed in the navamsha, for it will reveal information as to the outcome and indicate the inner quality of the cycles.
The navamsha chart (D-9) divides the 30-degree sign into nine parts of 3.20 degrees each. This is the most important divisional chart of all, and Vedic XE “Vedic” astrologers automatically compare this chart to the rashi to determine the results of a person’s life.
The navamsha chart is called the fruit of the tree. It reveals the future outcome of a person’s life, promising to manifest the potential in the rashi chart. We seem to become the navamsha chart as we grow older. These are the issues of the ninth house, the house of luck, fortune and spiritual pursuits. If a planet is in the same sign in both the rashi and the navamsha. it is vargottama, meaning it gains strength and is a more powerful planet in the rashi. Some also refer to the navamsha as the spouse who is the mirror of yourself.

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Kendradhipati Dosha



Kendradhipati Dosha

In this post I will tell you whatever I know about Kendradhipati Dosha and the logic behind it.
1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are called the Kendras. Kendras are like the doors to our life. Imagine a kind-hearted watchman sitting on a door. Any bad entity can easily fool a kind-hearted watchman and get access through the door.
This is the basis of Kendradhipati Dosha. Now people with Budha and Jupiter as the Kendradhipatis have this kind of Kendradhipati Dosha. I mean Mithun Lagna, Kanya Lagna, Dhanu Lagna and Meena Lagna.
Now dont get bogged down by the word “Dosha”. Its nothing that fatal. The general trend that I have seen with such people is that they are mostly taken advantage of by others. Presence of malefic planets in Kendras reduces this inherent goodness and the gullible nature.
Other Lagnas will have atleast 2-3 Kroor Grahas as the lords of Kendras. These Kroor Grahas acts as good watchmans of the doors to our life.

God Bless You
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumate Namah

Kendradhipati dosha or the negative effect of the ownership of quadrants by benefics implies reduction in their beneficence. The benefic owner of a quadrant is still a benefic and does not become a malefic. Similarly, a malefic planet owning a quadrant will not remain a malefic and that does not imply that the malefic becomes a benefic. This loss of beneficence of a benefic lord of quadrant is called Kendradhipati dosha. This flaw is annulled if the planet is also well placed in a quadrant or trine. Similarly, a malefic planet owning a quadrant sheds its malfeasance and will give very good results if placed in an evil house. If instead, the planet is placed in a quadrant or trine, the loss of malfeasance may not occur fully. For example if Saturn is the lord of the 10th house for Taurus ascendant, its placement in the 12th house in debility will give excellent results like power, position and a good career. If the malefic is also the lord of a trine in addition to its ownership of a quadrant, then it becomes a Yogakaraka producing auspicious results.

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Here are some easy ways of Vedic Astrology remedial measure. Some of the remedies I read in sites, classical texts etc. Some remedies I also got from my own experience. These measures are only my personal opinion – might strange pretty strange though. But I believe that people might be benefited from them, so I put them here. It is just a very humble attempt of me to help people.

You will find that sometimes I have suggested to avoid using materials pertaining to the planet(s) related. Do not take them always literal, that is not needed. But, try to link your activities and what sort of materials and other goods you use, when you run a particular Dasha period. You will surprisingly note that most of the times these items relate to the planet this way or that way, either for their natural significations or for their lordships. So, if you have a very bad Sun period in the past, try to remember if you have used any Sun sort of goods in that period or did any Sun sort of negative activities, such as being too authoritative on people. And then, avoiding such stuff again will be a powerful remedial measure for you! 

About donations and charitable works – Donation and charity are sacrifices and that is why great positive karmas. This is believed that it also pacifies a harmful planet when that planet type of things are donated. Some also say that you might donate money to a poor for buying foods and medicine, but if he uses the money for bad purposes such as buying addictive drugs, then it is rather put upon your shoulder. Helping the old, poor, needy, distressed is a very good way – there can be no doubt that it leads to freedom from bad karma much or less. Donate foods, medicines, money and other materials to the poor. If you do not have money or any material to donate, then at least, say good and nice things, make the person feel better at least! It will surely not be overlooked by the God Almighty.

Remedy for Ravi (The Sun)

Propitiating Sun – 

Donation and charity –
01. Cow with her calf.
02. Molasses, gold, copper, wheat etc.
03. Gemstones related to Sun.

Best to give – 
– To a middle aged man.
– On Sunday noon.

Fasting –
01. On Sundays.

Feeding –
01. Cows with Molasses and/or wheat.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with cream of rice cooked with jaggery (Molasses).

Others –
01. Service to own father, fatherly people.
02. Surya Namaskar at the time of sunrise.

Avoid –
01. Meal which includes molasses, wheat etc.
02. Red copper made things for own purpose.

Remedy for Chandra (The Moon)

Propitiating Moon – 

Donation and charity –
01. Conch (“Shankha”).
02. White clothes, silver, rice, boiled rice, milk, pure water etc.
03. Gemstones related to Moon.

Best to give –
– To a woman.
– On Monday evening.

Fasting –
01. On Mondays.

Feeding –
01. Dough to cows.
02. Boiled rice mixed with sugar to crows.
03. Rice cooked in milk to Brahmins (Or poor people).

Others –
01. Service to mother, motherly women, old women.

Avoid –
01. Drinking milk regularly.
02. Moon’s colour.
03. Moon’s gemstones.
04. Perfumes and deodorants etc.

Remedy for Mangal (Mars) and Kuja Dosha etc.

Propitiating Mars – 

Donation and charity –
01. Bullock (Preferably red coloured.)
02. Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, masoor daal, batasa, sweet chapati, skin of deer etc.
03. Gemstones related to Mars.

Best to give –
– On Tuesday noon.

Fasting – 
01. On Tuesdays.

Feeding –
01. Brahmins (Or poor people) with Havishya.

Others – 
01. Prayers or meditation in the morning daily for at least 10 / 15 minutes.
02. Taking care of younger siblings.
03. Exercising patience.

Avoid –
01. Engaging in martial arts, aggressive exercise etc.
02. Being hot tempered.

These remedies also work for Kuja Dosha, also called Manglik Dosha, Bhauma Dosha etc.

Remedy for Budha (Mercury)

Propitiating Mercury – 

Donation and charity –
01. Gold.
02. Deep green clothes, green pumpkin, green pulses and other green vegetables and articles.
03. Bangles and clothes of green color to Eunuchs. (In the modern day, this would have to be people with low sex drives or impotent or frigid individuals.)
04. Gemstones related to Mercury.

Best to give –
– On Wednesday noon.

Fasting –
01. On Wednesdays.

Feeding –
01. Cows with green leaves.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with paddy cooked in milk.

Prayers –
01. Vishnu 

Others –
01. Watering a ‘Tulsi’ tree daily except Sundays.
02. Service or donation to orphans, poor students, orphan homes etc.
03. Helping and serving sister, daughter, parents’ sisters (Aunts) and so on.

Remedy for Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Propitiating Jupiter – 

Donation and charity –
01. Robes.
02. Sugar, banana, yellow clothes, yellow sapphire, salt, foods, sweets, turmeric, yellow flowers etc.
03. Gemstones related to Jupiter.

Best to give –
– To Brahmins, teachers, priests.
– On Thursday morning.

Fasting –
01. On Thursdays.

Feeding –
01. Beggars, crows, birds with banana, yellow coloured sweets.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with curd and rice.

Others –
01. Watering a peepul / pipal (“Ashwatha”) tree every day except Sundays or on only Thursdays.
02. Service to teachers, Gurus, priests etc.
03. Avoid eating banana and even keeping in home esp. bedroom. Because this strengthens Jupiter.

Remedy for Shukra (Venus)

Propitiating Venus – 

Donation and charity –
01. Horse (Preferably white coloured.)
02. Colourful clothes, silk clothes, clarified butter (ghee), perfume, sugar, cooking oil, camphor, scented body / hair oil, sandal etc.
03. Gemstones related to Venus.

Best to give –
– To a young woman.
– On Friday evening.

Fasting –
01. On Fridays.

Feeding –
01. Crows or beggars with sweet rice made in milk burfy or ‘rasgolla’ etc.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with rice with ghee (Clarified butter).
03. Cows with part of own meal.

Avoid –
01. Perfumes, perfumed oils, ghee etc.
02. Never be too choosy in your dress up.

Remedy for Sani (Saturn) and also Sade Sati , Kantaka Sani etc.

Propitiating Saturn – 

Donation and charity –
01. Black cow.
02. Clothes coloured black / aqua, urad pulse, black mole, leather shoes, cereals, salt, mustard oil, iron, agricultural land, utensils etc.
03. Gemstones related to Saturn.

Best to give –
– On Saturday evening.
– To a poor old man.

Fasting –
01. On Saturdays.
02. On Fridays.

Feeding –
01. Beggars or crows with salty rice with curd preferably kept in iron plate.
02. Crows with “namkeen roti” (salty bread) with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces.
03. Brahmins (Or poor people) with rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds.
04. Crows with part of own meal.

Prayer and Mantras –
01. Hanumana Chalisa
02. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Others – 
01. Be kind and render service to the poor, servants and old people.
02. Wearing a peacock feather.

Avoid –
01. Misbehaving poor, old, servants.
02. Salt, salty things, mustard oil cooked things, sesame, alcohol, liquor etc.
03. Using mustard oil, and other Saturn kind of things frequently.
04. Shaving head / part of forehead.
05. Sleeping on a hard bed (with no foams) esp. on floor etc.

These above general remedies for Saturn also work for Sade Sati.

Remedy for Rahu (North node)

Propitiating Rahu – 

Donation and charity –
01. Iron made weapons.
02. Blue clothes, blanket, plate of iron, sesame, mustard, electronic items, coconut, radish etc.
03. Red colored grains may be given to cleaners, or sweepers, or those who perform that work may be helped in other ways.
04. Gemstones related to Rahu.

Best to give –
– To sweepers.

Fasting –
01. On Saturdays.

Feeding –
01. Crows with sweet roti in pieces. The roti should be with sugar stuffed in it and fried.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with rice cooked with meat.

Others –
01. Service to a person affected by leprosy.
02. Arranging marriage of poor girls where there family can not afford that.
04. Barley should be kept under the bead on the side of the head in the night and be distributed in the morning to the poor. To some this remedy is not purely Satwik, though.

Avoid –
01. Tobacco, wine.
02. Living in a joint family.

Remedy for Ketu (South node)

Propitiating Ketu – 

Donation and charity –
01. Goat.
02. Blanket, weapons made of iron, sesame, dull brown colored items, limes etc.
03. A virgin cow.
04. Sour things to female children below the age of nine years.
05. Gemstones related to Ketu.
06. A blanket to a temple esp. if progeny is affected.

Fasting –
01. On Saturdays.
02. On Tuesdays.

Feeding –
01. Dogs.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with rice cooked with cereals.

Others – 
01. Service and being kind to elderly/old people and saints.
02. Not telling own sorrows or secrets to others (Esp. when Ketu is the cause of that.)

I have repeatedly seen and been touched by how people suffer from poverty, no child issue, marital / relationship unhappiness, family troubles, job / career problems, facing death like accidents, illness, health problems, mental stress, depression, loneliness and other problems. Life becomes completely impossible to live then. Joy, sorrow and whatever a person faces all happen for the planets’ effects. They are the causes. Here, Vedic Astrology shows many ways to reduce these bad effects at a large scale and gives people a new life to live. And that is possible by performing or taking appropriate remedial measure. That is why the remedies is a great blessing from the God.

Performing remedial measure does not mean that we are outsmarting planets. But it is for the divine blessings in our charts that make us able to perform remedies successfully. I have seen many people being unable to take proper remedies even after trying so hard, and even taking wrong remedy to make it even worse! So, it is not in our hand, but a divine help or blessings. Actually, by performing Jyotish remedial measures, we are PROVING the indication in our charts, or making it come true that we will do that to overcome our problems. Because I have always seen that it is only good dasha periods that enable people to take good remedies. Generally people who try to take remedial measure in bad dasha periods end up getting nothing, unless a subtle benefic energy is connected somewhere. And this subtle benefic energy is often very hard to figure out, because our knowledge of Jyotish being so limited comparing to “what is happening inside”. That is why, it answers the question that we should not sit idle even after knowing that everything is fixed. Everything is fixed, but we can not always understand it correctly, so part of it is always in darkness. That is why we should try with our worldly action to see what it implies at last, with the guidance of Jyotish.

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Death due to fire if the Sun is posited in the eighth house.

Death due to water if the Moon is posited in the eighth

Death from a weapon if Mars is posited in the eighth house.

Death from a mucous disease if Jupiter is in the eighth house

Death from thirst if Venus is in the eighth house.

Death from hunger if Saturn is posited in the eighth house

The above shloka has been repeated in other classics, as well, indicating that the influence of a planet on the eighth house indicates the mode of death, whether death is natural, accidental, or unnatural as in suicide.Additionally, according to /Saravali,/ when Mars is  posited in the fourth house and the Sun is in the tenth, the native will die due to a fall from a mountain or a  blow to the head by a rock or stone.

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