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Kendradhipati Dosha



Kendradhipati Dosha

In this post I will tell you whatever I know about Kendradhipati Dosha and the logic behind it.
1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are called the Kendras. Kendras are like the doors to our life. Imagine a kind-hearted watchman sitting on a door. Any bad entity can easily fool a kind-hearted watchman and get access through the door.
This is the basis of Kendradhipati Dosha. Now people with Budha and Jupiter as the Kendradhipatis have this kind of Kendradhipati Dosha. I mean Mithun Lagna, Kanya Lagna, Dhanu Lagna and Meena Lagna.
Now dont get bogged down by the word “Dosha”. Its nothing that fatal. The general trend that I have seen with such people is that they are mostly taken advantage of by others. Presence of malefic planets in Kendras reduces this inherent goodness and the gullible nature.
Other Lagnas will have atleast 2-3 Kroor Grahas as the lords of Kendras. These Kroor Grahas acts as good watchmans of the doors to our life.

God Bless You
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumate Namah

Kendradhipati dosha or the negative effect of the ownership of quadrants by benefics implies reduction in their beneficence. The benefic owner of a quadrant is still a benefic and does not become a malefic. Similarly, a malefic planet owning a quadrant will not remain a malefic and that does not imply that the malefic becomes a benefic. This loss of beneficence of a benefic lord of quadrant is called Kendradhipati dosha. This flaw is annulled if the planet is also well placed in a quadrant or trine. Similarly, a malefic planet owning a quadrant sheds its malfeasance and will give very good results if placed in an evil house. If instead, the planet is placed in a quadrant or trine, the loss of malfeasance may not occur fully. For example if Saturn is the lord of the 10th house for Taurus ascendant, its placement in the 12th house in debility will give excellent results like power, position and a good career. If the malefic is also the lord of a trine in addition to its ownership of a quadrant, then it becomes a Yogakaraka producing auspicious results.


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