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Remedies for each Lagna (ascendant)?
Mesha and Kanya – worship of Goddess Maha Lakshmi is best for reducing martial tensions.
Rishabha and Simha – chanting of Vishnu Sahasranaman will be helpful.
Mithuna – praying to Goddess Parvathi will be ideal.
Kataka – Aditya Hridyam will help the couple to keep cool.
Vrishika – prayers to Dakshinamoorthy will bring in peace.
Dhanus and Makara – prayers to Hanuman will ease the tensons.
Meena and Thula – prayers to mars will be helpful.
In general fasting on Fridays will be helpful for marriages. Doing Ganpathy mantra will be helpful to make attraction last in married life. Chanting of lord Muruga prayers will be helpful for virility problems in men.

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