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Mole are the spots which are formed due to extra pigment on skin or due to some other reasons. They are found in different part of body. Some are dark in color some are lighter may be called as Dark Brown, some are brown and some are light brown. The fifth category which is much rare and always gives impact against all kind of malefic yoga in horoscope, are of White very tiny moles which are usually formed prior to birth. Most of moles are formed within 4 year of birth of a person. Some moles are temporary and some moles are formed when a person use to get good impact of his or her parents stars. Usually moles on hand or palm or below to feet area are inherited one and they usually formed at the age of 18 to 24 year of age, when a person get freedom from the Nakshatrafal. We have already told you about Nakshatra in our other web page, and during this age his or her planetary Maha Dasa gets control on him. According to some astrologer these are formed according to transit of Rahu and Ketu, but we have seen that placement of Rahu and Ketu in birth chart indicates the spot on body of a person, mole are different from it. In palmistry and other lines moles are the turning point of reading and it impacts on a person more then other spots. Even though many contradictory views are there in this regard and a big book can be written We are giving some text related to moles, which we have found much near to accurate and most of time we also see this in case of correction of birth time. Mole or marks on palm and feet, is a separate issue and is much different from mark on other part of body.
If a mole, spot or circle type figure formed by hair on the left side of a lady or right side of a man are always identified as.
If there is mole on the breasts of a lady, she must be very fortunate, in case of male they are holder of very tiny heart and always fearing from many things which are not even present in their life.
A lady, who has a red mark like a mole etc., on her right breast, she get blessings from creator and become mother of large family. She also get a lot of enjoyments and comforts in life. In case of male, it makes him coward and her potential of producing children remains in doubt.
If any lady having a red color mole, on her left breast, she use to blessed with nice but only one son.
If any lady, who is having a mole on her right breast, she use to get may children and most of them are girls.
If any lady or gent is having red color mole or mark on the fore head then that person use to gain or become a rular of a kingdom.
If any gents is having dark marks on head, above to forehead then he too becomes a king. But if the mark is on the left side of head, then he becomes the reason of a very big fall or breaking of a nation, and along with his stars the empire also get vanished. But if the mark is on the right side then he use to become the reason of making or creating a big union and becomes a legend in his own life time.
The person use to enjoy a lot of sweetish items and gets a lot of beauties in life if he is having red color mark on the right cheeks. Same us said for a lady if she is having mark in left cheek. According to Sage Parashar and Varah Mihir, such impact is having more effect on men then to women.
The lady is having a red mark on her nose she becomes or enjoys becomes companion of a king or high dignitary. But if the mark is darker then light red then it indicates many adulteresses in life.
All the marks below the navel are auspicious for both men and women.
If there is moles etc., on the ears, cheeks or neck of a man then he get blessed with male issue first and he also enjoys good fortune and happiness.
The man who has moles or marks in the front part of let or hand, where he can see it easily then such mark are not known as auspicious and they suffer much setbacks in life.
If a lady is having has the sign of table fork or W or triangle on her forehead then due to her luck her husband gains much and she enjoys the comfort as a queen.
Such a mark is placed on the forehead of a man, it ensures a ruling position to him.
A right turned circular hair formation on heart, navel, hands, right part of the back and in the portion between sex organ and navel, are always recognized as auspicious by the Sage. But Left turned formation is inauspicious for both male and female.
If such hair circle is forming on the waist and private parts it is not recognized as auspicious and such person are not known as domestic one.
If such a formation is occurring on the stomach, the person concerned will lose his or her better half within few year of marriage or his or her better half will get some chronic illness and will become useless.
If such circular formation either clockwise or anti-clockwise at the center of the back, then such lady become addicted to adulteress, but in case of male it makes him domestic person after marriage.
It is known as inauspicious if such circular motion, is on the neck, center of the head. If it is on the right side of head it brings luck to parents.
If a man with short life line in hand, get married with a lady having auspicious signs or marks on body, then he gets get his longevity prolonged.

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