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The Astrological Reason

Newton’s 3rd law declares action and reaction are equal and opposite. If you take then you will have to give it back. If you give you will be allowed to take. So giving and taking are equal and opposite. This is the golden rule with regard to all actions and rewards in our life. This is the eternal karmic law.
The soul takes on a body that is genetically programmed to put on weight based on its desire and actions done in its previous existence with regard to food. So to a biology scientist genetics is the cause. Genetics is the means to experience the inherited karma.
As per Ayurveda  or Astrology our body is mostly 3 types.
  1. Vata (Wind type)
  2. Pitta (Fire type)
  3. Kapha (Phelgm type)
Vata has least body weight. A Vata type person may eat 3 times more than a normal human being and yet never put on wegiht. Usuall they are below 60 kgs. They have the habit of sharing their food.
Pitta people are usually between 60 to 80 kgs. They are usually short tempered and hava a hot body constitution. They are mostly born at Sunrise. Sun in the Ascendant or Sun influencing the Ascendant in the horoscope usually leads to a pitta type of body.
Kapha people are usually 80 kgs plus. Kapha people may easily get obese if they are not careful right from their childhood.
The position of planets in the horoscope will reveal the type of body that has been acquired by you from your parents. If you have acquired a kapha (phlegm) type of body then most probably you have committed some sin in connection with your food in a previous existence.
For example if in your horoscope Jupiter is seen in the 8th house then there is a great desire to eat more. Such people weigh more than 90 kgs. Even if they go on a fast and strict diet plan it is difficult to reduce below 90 kgs. If they are not careful with what they eat, soon they will get heavier than 120 kgs. 
There are several such planetary positions that indicate obesity and diabetes. This can be known by  the planetary positions in the horoscope as soon as the child is born instead of waiting for 20 years to see the transformation of a child into a heavy man or woman. If this fact is known very early in life, at least reducing the intake of food right from childhood will help delay the process of getting heavier.

The best remedy for weight loss.

The best remedy to lose weight is to lose your food. Start sharing your food.Fasting without doubt is a great way to start sharing your food because when you don’t eat you are keeping something for others. If 1 billion people skip a meal we have 1 billion extra food and that should be given to people who haven’t had a meal for months.
If we cheat people with regard to food then also you may be reborn with diabetes or obesity conditions. Those in the catering field, hotels and groceries should be aware of this. If you give junk food or spoilt food to others and earn your money this way, you will have to spend a lot of money in your next birth and the punishment may be in terms of food and that is usually done by karma by giving you a kapha body.
The proof for this is that those who are fatter find it hard to share their food. They love food. Even in the current life they may be found in the business of cooking, hotel, restaurants, groceries and food stores. That is because they did that in the previous lives as well. They also seem to have a craving for more food. This is because they had great desire for food even in past lives and so they find it hard to give it up during the current life. That is why those who are obese find it hard to resist food.
Wasting food is a serious crime that is punishable either in the current life or the next. That is because when people haven’t had meals for days together you should not throw away food as soon as you had enough of it. Such scenes are common in buffets and parties.
People may also throw away food because that is considered a fashion or makes them feel proud. In many places the fashionable ladies and gentlemen eat only half and the rest is thrown away. The suggestion here is that you should take only what you can eat and that should be limited because even in the party others may need the food.
More people are lot fatter these days because more food is being wasted away because surplus food is available to some sections of the people very easily.  Nature or Karma eventually punishes the wrong doers.
Fasting is approved both scientifically, astrologically and philosophically. It is good for the body and mind. But there is no use fasting without giving the saved food to someone else. Because while fasting you have the chance to give to others.
If more people bless you for the food that you have given them, then nature or God or poetic justice will bless you back with good health and ability to eat food without being repeatedly told “don’t eat that”.

If you do certain sins in connection with food, you will soon be told “dont eat that”, “dont eat that” so many time by your doctor or others. This may happ en today or in the near future. Karma will eventually get them like the police finally track down the thief.

In this article I have included many photos of people who are obese. I took them from the internet. Strange, I found most of the photos show people eating. This is a gentle reminder that they have not given up their habits of over eating without sharing food with others. I am searching for a photograph of an obese person sharing food. If you find one please send me a copy.
Next time your meet your dietitian, ensure he or she gives you a diet plan that starts off with…  
  1. “Share your food with those who are hungry”.
  2. Do not waste food
  3. Do not take away food from others.
  4. 45 minute brisk walking in the morning blah blah.
  5. Reduce carbohydrates…. blah blah blah……………..

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