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                                                                       NEAGTE THE INFLUENCE OF RAHU IN YOUR LIFE

According to the science of astrology the nine planets determine the course of life for a human. There can be no doubt that heavenly bodies do have an effect on one’s life and even modern science is accepting this fact today. 

Among these nine planets two planets Rahu and Ketu are called shadow planets because they are not actual planets. This is why their existence can be very confusing for the common man. 

But still their effect on life is definite. And what more they are natural malefics with very strong influence on the natal chart. 

Together they also form very negative combination called Kaal Sarpa Yoga in which all other planets are placed between these two planets. The presence of such a combination can make one lead a very ordinary life even though one might be very talented and skilled. 

The effect of Rahu can lead to obstruction in life. Where life could have been smooth it is left turbulent and uncertain. 

But this does not mean that one should fear this planet. Many people believe that the negative effect of Rahu is very dangerous and it cannot be remedied. But this is not true. Through Sadhanas this negative planet can easily be controlled. 

Rahu being malefic in one’s natal chart or the negative influence of Rahu in one’s life actually denotes lack of spiritual energy in life. This leads to a situation where one is constantly faced by difficulties, obstacles and problems which one is not able to overcome. 

The effect of Rahu cannot be negated by worshipping it. The only way is to increase one’s spiritual power. 

The significance of soul or spiritual power in sun. It is by imbibing the power of the sun that Rahu’s negative influence can be best neutralised. 

The negative influence of the shadow planet can manifest in many forms – enemies, failure in life, loss of respect, poverty disease and tension. 

All these can be removed from one’s life through the following Sadhana which is based on Surya Vigyan (the science of tapping the energy of sun). 

On a Sunday try this ritual every morning when the sun is rising. Have bath and wear clothes which are either red or white. No other colour must be chosen. Then sit facing East on a red mat.

Cover wooden seat with a red cloth and in a copper plate place theRahu Yantra. One need not light any incense or lamp for the Sadhana. All one needs to do is try the ritual with full devotion and concentration. 

After this chant the following verse twenty one times. 

Vedaahmetam Purusham Mahaant-maaditya-varnnam Tamasah Parastaat.
Tamev Viditvaati Mrityumeti Naanyah Vidhyate-yanaay.

Then chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra with Hakeek Rosary. 

Om Hroum Aryamanne Namah Om

After the Sadhana drop the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond


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Remedies Of Rahu

Many individuals are quire unaware about how damaging Rahu periods or transits have the potential to be. Rahu can cause intense dissatisfaction with life, and in its transit over any angle, can cause intense dissatisfaction or unhappiness. Rahu or Ketu can cause susceptibility to gossip, black magic, sudden bursts of anger, jealousy, poisons and disease. It can also generate affliction from psychic forces and ghosts. Happily, although Rahu can cause intense problems, it is also quite amenable to relatively simple solutions.
Any kind of protective items, such as Feng Shui mirrors, witches balls (these are blown glass spheres which are supposed to capture negative energy in them); Drishti yantras and other “protective items” are extremely effective against the afflictions caused by the nodes.
I will share one extremely effective technique which I was taught by a South Indian Priest (Sathashivam Sivacharya) for dealing with back luck, which is usually the domain of Rahu:
Take some brandy (no particular quality is recommended. Place it in a glass bottle with uncooked rice (something like a relish jar is appropriate.). Bring the jar to a four corners at mid night on a new moon evening. Smash the jar and turn around and walk away. DO NOT LOOK BEHIND YOU WHEN YOU WALK AWAY. This dissipates bad luck and keeps malicious gossip away. The brandy will and rice being broken attracts demonic energies when they are most powerful, but the broken glass damages them for a full month. Keep in mind that when the Moon is at its darkest is the time when these energies are most present. Smashing the bottle leaves the bad patterns behind and damaged. Looking back just encourages them to return to your life. This technique works very well.
Here is a special mantra for Rahu from Shiv Raja Sharma’s text, The Mystery of Rahu in a Horoscope (p. 3, 1995, Sagar Publications), which I have found very powerful in encouraging Rahu’s more positive qualities:
Rahurdnava Mantri Cha Simhikachittananda
Ardhakaya Sada Krodhi Chandradity Vimardana
Giver of happiness to Simika (his mother), minister of demons,
half-bodied, Rahu is the tormenter of the Sun and the Moon
Roudro Rudrapriyo Daitya Swarbhanurbhanur Bheetidah
Graharajah Sudhapayi Rakatishyabhilashuka
Terrible looking, devotee of Lord Shiva, king among planets, immortal because he has drunk nectar, Rahu who frightens the Sun feels happy when he is worshipped at night.
Kaaldrishti Kaalroopa Shri Kantha Hriyadasraayah
Vidhuntudah Saimhikayo Ghorarupo Mahabalah
His sight is death inflicting; his looks are Death-like; he resides in the heart of Lord Neelakantha: has made the Moon lusterless. The son of Simhika is powerful.
Grahapeedikaro Dranshtri Rakta netro madodarah
Panchavimsati Namaani Smritava Rahum Sadanarah
He who torments planets has blood red eyes, big bellied (hard to satisfy): these are the twenty five names of Rahu.
Yah Pathet Mahati Peeda Tasya Nashyati Kevalam
Arogyam Putramtulam Shriyam Dhanyam Pashumtata
He who recites these names overcomes his troubles by a mere recitation of these names, gets sons, good health, prosperity, agriculture and cattle wealth.
Dadati Rahustasmai Yah Pathet Stotram Utttamam
Satatam Pathet Yastu Jeevat Varsham Shatam Narah
He who recites this stotra constantly gets his wishes fulfilled and lives up to the age of one hundred years. That is the fruit of reciting this hymn.

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