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Thin is in. That’s all people talk about these days. You could meet a friend after a long time and the first thing he /she says to you is : Gosh you have put on so much weight or Gawd thats great you have lost a lot of weight. Nothing is better than looking anorexic these days. Its a fad and I dont know how long it will last. The buxom beauities of the 80s have disappeared and only anorexic poles are all over the place. If someone choses a Size 12 or above the shop assitant doesnt bother to help. You are fat then you are probably good at helping yourself!
Astrologically, we are paying more attention to the First House (or Ascendant or Lagna), which represents our body, than any other area of our life (or Horoscope). Jupiter is the planet that stands for fat. It is fairly well established principle in astrology that Jupiter expands the house where it moves into each year with transit. In a rasi chart it tends to expand that house where it aspects. when Jupiter moves into your First House your potential to expand your physical body and put on excess weight increases exponentially. Luckily, this happens only once in 12 years!
And Jupiter has moving into the house of Capricon on 6 December 2008. If you have Capricon as your Ascendant/Lagna, you require some special advice to help you resist putting on weight and if you are already over weight, a plan to reduce the same.
The process of breaking down any complex substance or using up the complex substance is ruled by Mars, including the breaking down of the fat in the body; whereas, the process of combining simple compounds into complex structures is ruled by Venus. The products that are results of the Mars Processes (which are usually toxins or waste products) are ruled by Saturn and the body needs to get rid of it. Whereas, the end products of Venus ruled processes are ruled by Jupiter. They are stored in the body for later use. Fat is one of them.
In short, dieting is nothing but a Mars ruled process resulting in a Saturn ruled by product! So, to lose weight all you need to do is increase your Mars and Saturn energies and reduce the Mars-Jupiter energies. It is all about balancing the two sets of energies. Venus rules the sweets, starches (rice, idli, dosa etc.), appetite and your pleasure seeking senses. The output of these is products ruled by Jupiter, which causes expansion and heaviness.
So, here is a simple formula for weight loss:
a) Reduce Venus ruled products and processes;
b) Increase Mars ruled processes (like exercise);
c) Get rid of Saturn ruled end-products (like toxins);
d) Use-up the Jupiter ruled products (like Fat).

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