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Astrology is a vast ocean and we are like children gathering pebbles on the sea shore. But even Brahma, the creator who writes everyone’s destiny on his or her forehead, cannot decipher and re-read the destiny (Brahma lipi), so written.

      Jyotisha is one of 6 Vedangas and Brihaspati or Jupiter controls full knowledge of Astrology, more than Mercury or Budha. The sages have stated we predict results somewhat on the basis of planetary positions in a nativity but ko vakta taratamyasya vina.

      Mercury or Budha gives learning. But Jupiter or Brihaspati bestows gnanam (wisdom). Of all the planets, Guru or Jupiter alone is capable of conferring all 3 yogas (i) Rajayoga (power and position), (ii) Dhanayoga (wealth) and (iii) Gnanayoga or wisdom and other worldly knowledge leading to emancipation. Venus gives sex life, a good wife and wealth. These 3 planets Guru, Sukra and Budha are inherent natural benefics.

      Mars is Bhoomiputra, or son of the earth. He gives power like a king or sarathi (a commanding general in an army) or even a lower position like a superintendent of police. Saturn is for longevity and leads labour, inflicts suffering and summons to (chasten) a native. The Sun is very important for lordship in a democracy. The Moon is the mental planet. And, the Moon, if full, with or aspected by Guru or Jupiter is a powerful yoga. Rahu is like Saturn (Sanivad Rahu) and Ketu is like Kuja. Sani, Rahu and Ketu are well placed in 3 or 6 or 11. Rahu in 3 or 6 or 11 and aspected by Jupiter becomes highly favourable. Guru chastens Rahu and is not eclipsed by Rahu; but Sukra-Rahu association is not good.

      The lord of Lagna or the Ascendant at birth is the ruling planet. He should be in the 1st or 4th or 7th or 10th or 5th or 9th to give health and longevity. He, lord of Lagna should be stronger than the lord of 8th. The lord of 8th is best placed in the 3rd, for longevity and success over enemies.

      The 9th and 10th lords give Rajayoga. The 2nd and 11th lords like 9th and 11th lords give Dhanayoga. But the lords of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th cause yoga-bhanga. The 12th lord, if a benefic like Jupiter or Venus is not so bad, though the native spends away on the poor and savings are comparatively poor, as in the case of Jupiter, lord of 9th and 12th for Aries and Venus lord of 5th and 12th for Gemini. For Libra, Mercury is lord of 9 and 12. But, in practice he is found better in 3rd or 9th or 12th than in a kendra like 4h or 10th, as Mercury’s Moolatrikona is not good. Further, the Moon, lord of 10th, ill disposed to Mercury. The 9th and 10th yoga is not so praised or commended. And the Moon should be rather full Moon than new Moon. For Scorpio Ascendant the Sun and the Moon are Yogakarakas. And Guru or Jupiter, lord of 5th in a kendra from the Moon, confers Akhanda Samrajya Yoga. But Jupiter is not so good in 5th for happiness from children.

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