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Vastu tips for a home is considered as very essential as Vastu are connected with the right designing and position of each and every aspect of a home. It is suggested that one should keep the basic principals of Vastu while house hunting or while doing the house designing. It has become very common that today people purchase a flat or an apartment for different reasons such as economy, proximity to the office, safety, business and city centre, etc. Vastu tips are taken into consideration till every aspect of a house gets completed. Vastu tips most importantly suggest the appropriate structure and position of a house. Thus, it can be said that it is one of the important considerations of Vastu principals.

Some of the general Vastu tips for a home are as follows –
A northwest room direction is appropriate for guests and girls. The head of the family should have his bedroom in the southwest direction. Moreover, bedroom should not be located in the south east direction, as it is said that the children might lose interest in studies. And further, this direction also causes lack of sleep. When purchasing a land, plot or site, Vastu indicates that the sites should face the southwestern, southern and western directions. It is advisable to purchase those plots that are either rectangular or square in shape. As far as possible, the site should slope towards north and east or northeast directions.

Vastu tips also suggest not constructing the kitchen and the bathroom adjacent to each other. No broken mirror should be kept in the house. Everything over ground should be kept in the southern or western direction. The veranda should not be close to the north or east compound wall. Huge trees should not be grown in north or east instead should be grown in the southern or western side of the house. Good cross ventilation proves beneficial. One should avoid the poster of a sobbing girl, war scene, an angry man, owl, eagle etc., as they are considered as inauspicious elements. Further, no room should be constructed below the staircase.

It is said that if the construction of a house is strong the Vastu also works well. One should follow the basic Vastu tips for a house as it is helpful in retaining peace and harmony in the house. The northern part of the house should be one to three inches. Idyllically, the height of the rooms should be around 12 to 14 feet. As far as the doors and windows of a room are concerned, the main door should be larger as compared to the doors of inner rooms and the doors should open towards the walls. The windows should be at least 3 feet above the ground level and range from the same level from the top. They should open from the northern and eastern sides of the building.

The day-to-day wastes from the kitchen should be covered and placed in the southwest corner of the kitchen. The doors must be positioned in the north and east. As one enters a room, his or her mind is influenced by the doors, as they emit magnetic waves when placed in the appropriate directions. Entrances to the house placed in the northern, eastern and northeastern directions, are considered auspicious. There should be no water body opposite any entrance door of the house. One must take into consideration that the doors of each room should face the east direction. The prayer room should be in the north eastern direction. All idols and photographs should be kept facing east or west. Further, one of the Vastu tips also suggest that the out houses should not come in contact with the compound wall of the Northern and Eastern side. 


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