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Blue Sapphire GemstoneStones and Gems have magnetic powers. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone bearer of the blue color ray. Its effects are a combination of those of the blue ray and of the energy of Sapphire’s mineral composition, corundum. Blue Sapphire nourishes the mind and puts thoughts in order and perspective. The blue ray it carries disintegrates disharmony in the physical head, thereby clearing the pathways for healing energies to enliven all the functions centered there.

Blue Sapphire can help you gain self-mastery that is, mastery of your mind, emotions, and physical body. To understand how Blue Sapphire does this, it is necessary to understand something of the nature of the mind. The mind is complex and comprised of many levels or areas. Thoughts are formed at the highest level of the mind, in the aspect closest to your purely spiritual aspect. They are generated continually; indeed, a new thought is born every moment. As Soul, you have the power to discriminate and choose which thoughts you wish to have. This is an important choice, because your thoughts feed and otherwise profoundly affect your emotions and physical body.

Consequently, learning mental discrimination is essential. This discrimination is the ability to choose which thoughts you would like to entertain, express, and empower. It is also the ability to choose which thoughts you would like to ignore and allow to flow out into the ethers so that they never manifest or affect anything. Blue Sapphire can teach mental discrimination.

It is an expensive stone. But one should wear it after consulting a therapist, astrologer and numerologist. It gives relief to heart patients and protects the wearer against accidents and dangers of fire and natural calamities. It removes hassles and irritants, agonies and frustration in life. Sapphires are placed in different categories. The Brahmin class is blue or white with a bluish hue. The kshatriya class is raddish with bluish hue. The Vaishya class is white with dark blue tinge. The shudra class is blue with a blackish hue. A blemished Sapphire brings in trouble. If it is having white lines, it affects wearer’s eyes. Milky hue causes poverty. Cracks in stone may cause accidents and a double colored one may bring in enmity. Non-transparent may affect the wearer’s near relations. If sapphire changes its color, it warns the wearer of a treat of attack to him/her or a conspirary against him/her. It has been noticed that the stone comes back to its original color after the calamity is avoided or passed.

There is a substitute for Blue sapphire and that cheaper stone is called Kathela. It can be worn when there is a conjunction of Saturn-mars or Saturn-rahu in the birth chart. It should be 3 to 3.5 carats in weight for domestic peace and financial prosperity. It helps in preventing vomiting, nausea, headache, vertigo, abscess, eye infections, allergies and tensions. The wearers of the stone would be attached and faithful to his/her family members.

This stone should be worn on Saturday two hours and forty minutes before sunset. It can be also worn during pashya nakshatra or eclipses after distributing alms to the poor and doing puja. Expert’s opion that Blue Sapphire should be worn on the second finger and the weight should be atleast 5 carat. To achieve improvement in fertility, Blue sapphire can be combined with Tourmaline of green color.

“one spoon of sugar can boost an average person’s energy level. That same spoon of sugar can be life threatening for a person with diabetes”.

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